11 Classes/שיעורים


Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira


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  • About the course/ על הקורס

    After successfully sharing this series with thousands of couples in over 30 locations within Israel, we’d like to share this content with you.
    For more than half a year, we diligently worked to compile all the content included in the “Sanctity in Marriage” series. We added a lot of new content that has never been seen before and developed a series of pleasant and accessible videos.
    In these fascinating lessons on the sanctity of married life, Rabbi and Rebbetzin Shapira present us with the sublime, pure and compassionate guidance of our Holy Torah. These teachings connect sanctity and exaltedness with love and joy, transcendence with simplicity, and inner depths with our daily lives. Based on marital counseling sessions with several thousands of couples, we present you with the fruit of much experience in a rich, mature and friendly dialogue addressed exclusively to each partner.
    We have received much feedback – literally thousands of positive messages indicating that these teachings have been conveyed with clarity, refinement, a sense of exaltedness and an honest and open attitude to the vast complexity of married life.
    With an exceptional and unique approach, these topics are taught by a well-known and respected rabbi and rabbanit who have been involved in education and Torah teaching for decades. They have travelled throughout Israel sharing these priceless teachings through well-received lectures on marriage and the sanctity of intimacy.
    In the sea of opinions and spirits that flow through the air, a clear and pure voice is heard here – a voice that is loyal to the broad and main backbone of Rabbis of all generations and also to contemporary Poskim who legislate in these sensitive matters.

  • Syllabus/ סיליבוס


    Lesson #1 - "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" Between Husband and Wife


    Lesson #2 – Union is Sanctity


    Lesson #3 – Holy of Holies-The Place of the Union


    Lesson #4 – The Attitude to Physical Desire


    Lesson #5 – One that is Two – Two that are One


    Lesson #6 – Face to Face


    Lesson #7 – Cycles


    Lesson #8 – The Art of Appeasement


    Lesson #9 – Complete Joy


    Lesson #10 – When and How to Let Go


    Lesson #11 – Individual Practical Guidelines

  • About the lecturer / על המרצה

    הרב יהושע שפירא עומד בראשותה של ישיבת רמת גן . את הישיבה הוא הקים לפני כ27 שנים במטרה להפיץ את אור התורה במרכז גוש דן.
    ישיבתו היא מהראשונות ששילבו הליכה בדרכו של הראי"ה קוק יחד עם לימוד של תורת החסידות , ותורתו מחברת עולמות רוח רחבים עם עולמות רגש עמוקים.
    הרב שפירא עוסק רבות בלימוד והדרכה על זוגיות – לנשואים ולרווקים, בשיעורים, בסדנאות ובטיפולים פרטניים, מתוך תפיסת עולם שמחברת גוף ונפש ורואה בקשר בין איש ואישה מקום השראת שכינה מתוך שמחה, חיבור וקדושה.